Today, BoomBoom Media had the privilege of managing the Peter Pan press launch for this year’s Christmas Panto at The Queens Theatre Barnstaple. Starring John Altman (Nasty Nick Cotton from EastEnders) Sophie Adams as Wendy, Daniel Slade as Peter Pan, Collette Stewart as Mrs. Darling, and Daniel Farmer as Mini Smee, a specially selected cast.  A group of 20 local North Devon children was also carefully chosen out of 80 auditionees to be the Lost Boys!

The dame, Gareth Davies as Mrs Smee (also Performance Director), said his costume is quite heavy and he takes the longest to get ready but he loves dressing up and playing his character. The director said that the local North Devon children were the best, most polite, well mannered and talented children he had ever had the pleasure of working with! The show is very family friendly and the pricing is accessible for families, keeping in mind it needs to reflect being a West End Show with a star cast. The cast mentioned what they love about North Devon, including fresh air, laid-back feel, stunning coastline, animals, greenery and the friendly local people.

Some of the attendees asked if it was ok to see the show if they didn’t have children to bring, in which the cast replied with “of course panto is all about making people laugh, both young and old and the script contains humour to suit all ages.” They said they often go off script when they have a random outburst in the audience or call for a reaction for fun, this just adds to the excitement of panto! Wendy, Peter, Tinkerbell and the lost boys are very excited about flying!  At the end of the conference, John Altman who played Nasty Nick Cotton in Eastenders replied to a comment that although he always played bad characters, he was nice in real life and his mum said she was proud of him making a success in the world of showbiz. On request, he then did his signature line ‘Ello Ma’!

We really enjoyed helping The Queen’s Theatre Barnstaple with marketing for the Peter Pan press launch, including press coverage with North Devon Gazette, North Devon Now, North Devon News and The Voice FM. Managing the photo shoot with the help of J&A Cameras, interviewing the main star cast. Managing the event, and social media coverage, as well as sending, invites to local dignitaries including Mayors, Councilors, and Friends of the Theatre. We also supplied posters, flyers, and invites. It was such an amazing day and a pleasure to work with such a great cast and team of people.

The cast is really looking forward to performing for the North Devon Community and said to expect spectacular special effects and stunning scenery. We would advise booking early to avoid disappointment, the first performance is on the 14th of December at 7 pm.

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