Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform of 2018. It is used by primarily a younger audience for checking out glamourous life pictures. It can also be used to put your product in front of millions of people to maximise your business and here are 5 ways in which you can do so.

1. Hashtags

Hashtags are the best way to tag your pictures and get them seen by more people. You can also follow certain hashtags and profiles as a way of following the trend and keeping an eye on relevant conversations. Following hashtagsmeans you canreach new audiences by using targeted hashtags and expand your brand messaging by promoting your branded tags.


2. Stories

Instagram stories have grown at an exponential rate jumping from 150 million to 350 million last year alone. In addition to this Instagram have added the value of stories by having stories archive and highlight functions. New stories content is kept indefinitely and can be displayed on usersprofile, maximising its use.


3. Visual composition and consistency

Visual composition and consistency remains a priority.Having a visual strategy is key to standing out among your competitors. Focus on creatine, imaginative, well designed images and great composition. This helps to boost your Instagram performance massively. As it is a visual platform, keeping this in mind is key to success


4. Integration of direct messages

Almost half of Instagram’s database use dm’s. With an increased emphasis from Instagram and their rising usage it leaves an opportunity for savvy marketers to merge their interactions across to a more privateand direct connection tool. Just make sure they want to talk to you!


5. Instagram Live

 Instagram Live is slowly evolving to make it even more appealing to everyone. Their ‘Live Guests’ option enables you to go live with someone else. This added exposure means more promotional opportunities, while the ability tohave guests on your live stream can also help the ease of broadcasting process.

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