We understand how busy you are.

Running a business is far from easy. In many cases a business is run by a small team or in some cases just one person. Marketing and advertising a business properly takes time, attention and commitment. Good marketing and advertising can be the difference between success and failure.

INCOMING CALL MANAGEMENT – If you don’t have time to talk to every rep that calls about advertising or marketing opportunities then we will field those calls. Just ask them to contact BoomBoom Media and we will deal with those calls and advise you of the best course of action.

MARKETING AND ADVERTISING LOCALLY – BoomBoom Media is experienced in working with local press, radio and other forms of media. Just tell BoomBoom what you need and leave it to us. We will get you the best deal and advise you accordingly.

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT – Social Media Management takes time, and you have a business to run. BoomBoom Media can manage your Social Media for you.

COPY MANAGEMENT – Need to hit that deadline? need to get copy in for your advert? is it in print, radio or for social media? BoomBoom Media will not only book your advertising we will manage your copy. BoomBoom Media is experienced in ad design and knows how to get you results.

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